Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Featured Apps: ShareTheMeal

From today onwards I'll be reviewing/sharing apps which i find useful and interesting with you guys since I'm in tech field. So bear with me guys.
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This week apps goes to ShareTheMeal by United Nation (UN). I've downloaded fhe apps and used it once and it's free to install. Just go to the App Store and search for it. I believe there's one on Google Play too !

ShareTheMeal apps is build to feed less fortunate people out there especially those who are in need. United Nation is well know for its volunteer activity to help homeless, refugee or poor people to survive by contributing essential items such as food, shelter, medical aids etc. But this time this apps is specifically built to fight hunger. It's really easy you're just need to click the donate button and voila you have donated $0.50 and save the world (well, of course there's a page to enter your PayPal/ Debit Card information before they deducted money from your account). 

Also, you can choose to either donate $0.50/day or $3.50/week or even xx per month (you do the math !) Haha forgive me my mind is not up for calculation right now. So yeah, very easy right ? By donating 50 cents you can help to feed one of the refugees for a day and make you feel good about yourself knowing that you've helped people. Spread the words ! 

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