Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Kakak was featured on Evelyn Rose's Instagram !


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Last Saturday was my sister's birthday. While waiting for bus after work just now, I wasted my time scrolling instagram and tadaaa found my sister's photo on Evelyn Rose's account. Some of you guys must be wondering "who's she ?" "why is it a big deal?"  

Okay lemme tell you guys, she's the author of the Wedding Breaker novel which I bought and then became a fan because I like the book. It's the novel that was adapted to a tv drama entitled "Ariana Rose" yang kat tv3 dulu. Kalau sampai sekarang pun korang still clueless about what I'm talking about, maka teruskan lah play along acah acah kenal si Evelyn ni for another few mins haha, thank you

Before this kakak told me about her since she knows I read her book. She's studying in the same school with my sister. And then when I was in UK, I had the opportunity to meet her up front during raya, of course some selfies were included in this story but I forgot where the photos are right now. They're not in my phone, probably I took the selfies using someone's camera. Whatever, gonna find them later.

Tak habis cerita lagi, then since all kakak's housemates graduated last summer, kak Iman (nama sebenar) moved into her house and they become housemate now. That's why she was featured in her instagram ! Okay habis dah. Thank you for reading !

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