Friday, November 6, 2015

#OOTD: Columbus Museum of Arts

Before Columbus gets cold and my outfits are all gonna be you-make-me-look-fat winter coat with few layers of shirts inside, give me a chance to don all my fall outfits pleaseeee

This lengthy off white shirt-dress was bought when I was in Houston. It's from Zara, my fav store. It's kinda risky when I chose to buy this outfit since I'm petite, so either this gonna give me a pregnant woman look or a lanky model look, there's nothing in between. However, it turned out well ! I really like it when this outfit makes me look tall and skinny.

Well, that depends on the angle of the picture too, kudos to the photographer ! I think my housemates have a really great photography skills because lately all my photos seem like I'm wayyy taller than 5 ft, I can't even believe my eyes while looking at those photos. Or it's true that I became taller this semester ? Come to think of it this morning, I still couldn't hang the overhead utensils in the kitchen. So just let this sink in. People please, moment of silence for Ilifilza's height.

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