Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I'm back !

Okay actually I'm not quite done yet still have one more exam in 3 hours and a project to submit tomorrow morning. Did I tell you guys that I'm developing a website for a real client ? Yes, together with my team we need to build a Camp Recky registration website from scratch and it's really tiring I tell you. My sleepless nights were all due to this.

And after that I have to tick off everything in my 'After-Finals To Do List', then I can blog properly. Well maybe....... because on 19th I'm heading out for a winter road trip with my girlfriends ! I know I'm such a terrible blogger :/ wish I could do better. Last winter I went to California and West Coast areas, so this time I'm heading south. I'm gonna explore three different states and an island which is located outside the States.

If any of you guys could guess where I'm heading to and give the right answers down below in the comment section, I will personally send a postcard (sorry I'm on a tight budget haha) from that particular state to you guys ! (Hint: Breezy vs dry !)

Oh one more thing, to compensate my lack of updates during the vacation, I will bring you guys along to my trip (virtually) if you guys follow my Snapchat: ilyrusli I'm gonna upload my road-trip video/photo snippets from there. That's all I guess and have a great day ahead !


  1. Atlanta! Or... Florida,Texas, Missouri, Arizona? Just trying my luck :p

    1. Some of them are correct ! But I won't tell the exact answer just yet. Send me your address to iffyll.ann[at] i'll give you the postcards :)

  2. Already sent! Thanx a bunch ily! :)


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