Thursday, December 10, 2015

RIP my laptop

I already said that I won't post anything until I finished my exam but i need to spill this one out :( My laptop is considered dead since this morning 💔 yes it's a big deal to me since I'm a computer science major and my laptop is everything to me 😢 Already brought her to the clinic and the doctor said that the last thing he can do is to format my baby 😔 I don't care if everything else went wrong but not my laptop. Sad laptop = sad me.

Sorry for being so dramatic. To be honest, I'm a laptop person rather than a phone person. Most of the time I'm not sure where my phone is, that's why I'm not very responsive to texts and whatsapp and calls. 

Right now I'm waiting for the bus heading back home to find my external hard drive then return to campus to fix her up. Hope everything goes well :( thank god i still have my phone to rant about this *super sad emojis*

[Update at 3.57pm]

My baby is now undergoing surgery. Waited for her outside for about 2 hours already. Not fun :\ So tired and freaking hungry :\\\ Ilifilza hates waiting

[Update at 4.50pm]

Alhamdulillah she's now working. But she suffers from a memory loss, we need some time to learn about each other again. I'm tired, need rest. Just gonna head back home asap. 

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