Saturday, December 19, 2015

Thanksgiving Dinner 2015

Here goes my long overdue post !

I attended two dinners. One is for my close friends and the other one is the public thanksgiving party.

The thanksgiving party was good, if you see on my Facebook, those pictures were from the dinner. No, the guy who stood beside me is not my boyfriend, just to make it clear because some people thought so. So what I had over there were turkey (two enormous turkeys, they're so freaking huge) kudos to nadiah who's a very good cook. If people left me with two raw turkeys and asked me to cook them, they'll probably ended up eating burnt turkeys, no kidding. So after the dinner we celebrated amirul's birthday (the guy in the picture) and open floor for dance. I called it a day early and went back home before midnight. Also, my Chocolate Pecan Pies made an appearance on that night ! Did you guys remember that I made them last year's thanksgiving too ? My friends made fun of me and said "oh so we can only taste these pies once a year ?" Ugh guys be thankful that I even baked. My baking skills are definitely limited edition, once a year only *flips hair*

The second one with my close friends we had dinner again for the next day but this time they baked two whole chickens instead. They left the chicken as it is and baked it like a turkey, so cute ! Next we watch Jumanji on Netflix and played Heads Ups and Mafia ! The night was so much fun and I had a really great time with them. So this time Cinderella forgot to look at the time and she went passed midnight to get back to her house.

Next on the list is the Black Friday shopping !!!

It's the time of the year where everything is half price or even cheaper. This year I followed a strict budget due to my expensive winter trip so I bought few clothes, a book, used compact camera (it's a need for travels) and this .....

I got this for $5 bucks what a good bargain !
In my defense, futsal is fun, I should try them next semester so I need to buy the ball first right ? Baby steps they said. 

And I bought Human of New York book for 10 bucks. Everything is below $150. I'll make a separate blog post for my new used camera which I got for $65 bucks. It's Cannon SX280 sh btw. No handbag , purse, make ups or whatsoever which made me proud of myself. Our Ilifilza has grown up, she knows how to separate things form her wants and her needs *pat self head*

So that's it I guess. Have a great day everyone !

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