Tuesday, January 12, 2016

First Day of School

My first day of school was such a mess, forgot to bring my buck id which works as a ticket to ride the bus, and had to borrow money from my friend to pay the fare since walking back from school to home in -10 C is not a good idea, later at home found out that I actually brought my id (it stuck in my jeans back pocket oh well), late to all my classes and to top it all I caught a fever and cold !

Everything happened in a day. EVERY- FREAKING-THING. 

As we all know, ilifilza's memory span is like a goldfish, she's forgetful as she's getting older. I forgive myself for not bringing the id. But today, out of all days my immunity is like a baby, so fragile ! Walked to school in below zero degree temperature for less than 15 mins, already caught a fever. 

Disappointed at myself for not living up to my expectation where first day of school should have been fun will all those rainbows and butterflies. It's the day where you get to show off how pretty and high tech your pencil case is (got mirror and sharpener attached to it), how colorful and tidy you arrange your color pencils and how clean your school uniform is on the first day....


It's my senior year ! 

Ilifilza's First Day of School Starter Kit

Walked out of my home for class:
Before that, took a pen where I got for free in one of the school events, put it in my pocket.
Brought my laptop and some water to drink.
And I'm ready to crush this semester ! 

It's your senior year where you get so lazy to dress up for class you just want to wear your pjs and fold yourself in burrito-like position in your blankie just to survive the cold. 

Oh weather please be nice ! 

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