Sunday, January 17, 2016

My GoFundMe Campaign

Though I'm not writing much here lately because I've been busy in my first week of school and still not feeling well due to the weather, I'm asking for you guys' help to donate for my bestfriend Hafiza Hashim. She recently just lost her mother. You can donate here Help My Friend Campaign and read the full story. 

Scratch that I'll copy and paste the story here and you guys can donate by clicking the link above, alright ?

My name is Ilifilza Rusli and I'm raising money for my bestfriend, Hafiza Hashim (the girl in pink), who recently just lost her mother. We're both Malaysian students studying in the United States. To those who is unfamiliar with our country, Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country located about 9,000 miles away from here. 

Last winter break, Hafiza bought a last minute flight ticket to Malaysia when she got the news about her mother's stroke. She wasn't born in a wealthy family and the ticket would have cost her more than what she could afford. The doctor said that her mother's brain was swollen and doing a brain surgery will put her mother at risk. She spent about three weeks with her family, giving support to her mother to fight the illness. 

Since the Spring semester is starting, she had to go back to the States to continue her study. Yesterday when she took her flight back to the US from Malaysia, she got the news that her mother had passed away. She was transiting in Japan, waiting for her flight back to Ames, Iowa when she knew about it. It's sadden me as a friend knowing that she's now an orphan, her father died two years ago when she was 19. 

By raising this fund, I hope it can cover the expenses of two way flight ticket and cost travelling back to Malaysia. Even though she's not telling me how much she paid for the ticket, I knew it'll be two grands or more from the fact that she bought it last minute and she had to borrow money somewhere else. This is the least thing I could do for her as a friend, I hope this could ease her burden and lessen her worries. Donations of any amount are gratefully accepted. Thank you. 
On a side note: I actually really really really hate to post selfie on public but I had to this time. The other pictures of us were too small. If you're reading this Ija, know that I love you that's why I'm doing this. Don't be mad though I know you will, but please flashback our cute memories together and those "I love you(s)". I hope that'll lessen your anger. I know you're not comfortable with troubling people with your problem, but me as a friend I couldn't bear to see you in pain and sadness. Accept this money, please. Because we care about you so much. If you need me, I'm only one call away :)

Update January 17th,2016: 

As requested by Hafiza, this campaign is now closed. The donation that we received up to now is more that what she needed and she’s so grateful for the generous donation. On behalf of my friend, I want to thank each of you guys for making this happen. 

Personally, this campaign went viral beyond what I have imagined, at first I wanted to end this campaign in a month since I thought $3000 is such a big amount. But you guys, proved me wrong, in less than 24 hours we’ve collected a total of $4402. 

I have been overwhelmed with the tremendous love and support you guys have been giving her. If you missed this opportunity, don’t worry ! You guys can still help by praying for my friend's and her family's happiness and well-being.

Thank you so much for the donation, love notes and text messages, only God can repay you for your generosity and kindness !

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