Thursday, January 28, 2016

RIP Afroduck

Today, I'm shocked with the news of the Afroduck's death, the guy behind my whatsapp status.

He's alive yesterday, I saw him on snapchat and now he's gone.

We have a lot of stories and secret we shared with each other.

I remembered the time when my ex boyfriend told me about with whom he cheated with, face to face, my heart torn to pieces, right after that I went to Mirror Lake and cried. Then, there was him, waddled towards me like he knew what I was feeling. Just by being there, he comforted/entertained me.

He was there too when I was in my first year, I always paid him a visit since I had class nearby the lake. We talked a lot, telepathically. He accompanied me while I'm eating my lunch box. (Being a freshman, I had a lot of time to prepare a lunch box.) Lonely me had a company.

I'm sorry I didn't spend much time with you lately. I've been busy, but yes I miss talking to you.

I hope you'll be happy in heaven, rocking your hair.

I love you Afroduck ! You'll always be remembered, thanks for being there for me, through my toughest time and being one of my friends during freshman year.

His picture last night on snapchat 


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