Friday, February 26, 2016

Cruising to Bahama Mamas !

To those who are still reading my irregular-update-boring-entahapapa-whatizdis blog, please give yourself a pat on your head. You guys are doing awesome !

I should have blogged this last month. I'm gonna start to write about my winter trip slowly one by one, so bear with me. Let's start with the cruise to Bahamas shall we ?

I've been dreaming to go to Bahamas since forever. What I had in my mind about Bahamas before this is crystal blue water,  pina colada, bob marley, beach time and raggae music. And that's what I've got, Bahamas lives up to my expectation !

Disclaimer: What I'm about to blog right now and later may look like a a rich kids traveling sesh, but trust me it's not. We spent less than $1500 for the whole trip which covers Florida, Bahamas, Texas, New Mexico, New Orleans, Oklahoma and Missouri. 

The first on our schedule is the 3 days 2 nights cruise to Bahamas. This experience is so magical, can't wait to do this again with my family members and the significant one. Yes, it came across my mind to book in advance for the next trip since they'll give you a heavily discounted price if you book onboard, but that's risky. I'm still not sure about the future. So scratch that, I'll book it when the time comes insyaallah.

The budget for this cruise is roughly $400 all inclusive. The worst thing is there's no wifi throughout the trip !!! We're dying of boredom but good thing is we had a bunch of interesting conversations, and a deep one too.

Coco Bay is the private island for Royal Caribbean cruise, and I really loved it there. The beach themed lunch was very tasty, sad that we couldn't eat the meat because it's not halal. If not I would have gobbled up all the burgers and grilled chicken rather than those potatoes (I hate vegs but I'd rather eat than starving, so yeah) when I was there.

The dinner was a three courses fine dining. The best thing about the cruise is the unlimited food. They provide us food six times a day and they're all buffet style. For breakfast and dinner, we get to choose either to eat the buffet style or the fine dining. Of course, I went to both !

The cruise staffs were very friendly, look at the picture below. The staff made an elephant out of the fresh towels. He made up our bed when we're out for dinner and left us with this cutie. Awwww. He even put sunnies on Jumbo, though he used my sunnies. The next day we kept the elephant as it is but then I had to swap the sunnies with my glasses since I need to use it. 

The highlight is the ice cream machine by the pool ! It's unlimited but since they feed me six times a day I couldn't enjoy much. Next time I'll make sure to eat this ice cream six times a day too !

There were plenty of other activities onboard, we didn't do much since we're so tired with the essential ones. It was a very memorable experience that I won't forget. And it was sooooooo romantic, I swear it'll be a perfect honeymoon trip for the newlyweds ! hashtag dearfuturehusband hahaha
Till then, xoxo

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