Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Quick Update #2

Gosh I miss this blog so much ! But this semester is crazy maynn, I even have no time to do my regular health check up. Been delaying the check up for months now.

So quick update for what I have been doing while I'm away from this blog.

1. I'm currently managing two websites which is and These two babies have been getting a lot of my attention these past few days. For your information, my school will be hosting the East Coast Festival 2016, we're welcoming 400++ Malaysian students this year. Just click on the website link if you wanna know more, I'm not very good with explaining things. So yeah being the IT guy myself, it's literally draining me out. A lot of registration orders need to process, customer care for those who had trouble with registration, those IT related stuff.

For, NAMSA is a new organization. They just established last fall, hence I need to design the website from scratch. While handling the festival, I need to make sure this website is up to everyone's expectation/standard. I'm not hating my boss, it's just he's a perfectionist. So everything needs to be perfect.

2. It's a winter season in Ohio, snows and negative temperature. Okay this time I'm really mad at myself because so easily fall into sickness. Honestly, this semester I've never feel like kick-ass good. Each time I woke up, I feel like crap and the fact that I had to bear the cold weather for school makes me feel crappier. People, snow is not fun, don't be fooled by the English movies and dramas on TV.

Reading back the whole paragraph, I'm such a whiney person. Oh well.

3. The good news is I've got a raise. They added 20 cents to my salary per hour. Everything's working out great at my workplace, people are nice, bosses are kind, new managers do not even bother to ask me around since they know I've been working there longer than them, so yeah everything's good. I definitely gonna have a hard time to leave this kitchen next year, especially Chad and Chuck. They are my two favs chef !

4. I'm gonna act and dance for this year Malaysian Night. New stuff, because I've never acted before. That's why this year I won't be inviting my friends from the other school to come over to watch the show. Oh my god, I know I won't be acting well on the stage. Therefore, I hope they won't be recording my performance and upload it on MASA youtube. My future kid doesn't need to know about this !!!

Okay got to go now, I have meeting in 10 minutes. Till then, be safe and Happy Chinese New Year !

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