Friday, February 12, 2016

Random Conversation #1

Me/Chuck (Chuck the chef at my workplace, remember ?)

Me: Chuck what is scallions ?
Chuck: Green onion ?
Me: Scallion.
Chuck: Green onion ?
Me: Oh ! Scallion is a green onion. *insert awkward laugh here* I thought you didn't hear me clear enough.

*cough* In my defend, he sounded like he's questioning me. Not that I'm deaf.


At work, they just got a new fancy schmancy over after they requested for a year to replace the broken one.

The oven is so fancy, the door handle is like a light saber-ish blue and you can even choose the sound to indicate that the food is done. So the old ones sound like 'beep beep beep' until you take out the food. The new one has 6 sounds to choose from: the doorbell, the fire alarm-ish, the buzz, and the one that I find interesting is the jolly festive song.

So when the chefs were playing with the oven, I said I prefer the 'buzz buzz' because it's not annoying and precise. 'Buzz buzz' - "okay I got it, I'm gonna take my food out right away !" kind of feeling.

But the chefs (average age is like 40-ish) prefer the jolly good song. Every time I listen to that, I feel like it's Christmas already.

So I told Nate (the chef): I don't like this one, it's too happy.

Nate jokingly replied:  Oh yeah, we actually aren't allowed to be too happy when preparing food, something bad might happen (laughing on my comment)

Come to think about it again, he's right. After this, I hope everyone will laugh or make inside jokes each time the oven's alarm went off.

The Oven - one kind of entertainment for your kitchen !

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