Monday, February 29, 2016

The Crazy Alarm

Our house is so canggih one - we use electric stove and we even have a full alarm system. And today, out of all days, the alarm went off. It's so blaring loud that I just want to buried my head deep under the pillows.

When this thing happened, I was so panic and rushed to the other room asking for help. Turned out that I was actually home alone that morning. The alarm was still going on, ughhhhh I'm so panic then I tried to set it off by pressing any numbers on the keypad. I swear when we first entered the house, no one ever set a code or whatnot for the alarm system. 

The alarm still on ! I was just afraid that the alarm will trigger the police to come. This never happened before what should I do ? Then I looked at myself, still in my knee-length pjs. Oh my god what if the police comes then I'm not dressed ?!?! I need to look proper at least. So I ran upstairs and changed my clothes. 

It came across my mind to just leave the house and head to school instead.  Lucky that I get a hold of myself and stay to resolve the situation. If not it could be worse, the police probably will come surrounding our house and then no one was there to explain the situation. 

Still the alarm is on. I was just hoping it will turn off after a few minutes but that's not gonna happen !!! Still panicking like a mad woman, I tried the passcode again this time I tried some combinations like pressed two keys at the same time. This time I did it ! The alarm was off, though I successfully did it after few minutes. Fuhhhhhh. Maybe I got lucky somehow I pressed the right code. Most importantly the house is quite now, no crazy-loud-attention-seeker alarm and everything's good.

I finally can breathe again, BUT .......

Knowing Ilifilza, she's not lucky. Seriously I've never won anything that involves luck such as lucky draw, guessing game or scratch and win. Not just that, my art teacher also said the same thing since each time we have class, I'll be that student who had problem with her computer, EVERY SINGLE TIME. Like my video won't render, or I can't compile the image. Honestly, even with a lucky charm, I'm still not lucky.

That means I must've used all my lucks for this year only to turn off that crazy alarm ! Then how can I meet a nice guy later ? I still have 10 months to survive without luck. Gosh !

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