Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Leap Year

I don't want to miss out I saw my friends updated their status on social media(s) on this day, fomo alert ! Might as well I post something in here so I'll have something to look back the next four years.

So in the next four years (which I'll be 26, gosh please I don't want to imagine me get all wrinkly), hopefully I am/have:

1. A stable career in a big company (hopefully I get to work in a fashion industry, fingers crossed).
2. Financially stable so me and my mom can travel as much as we can since both of us love traveling. Or maybe perform umrah together with other family members.
3. An active volunteer.
4. Knows how to play keyboard and swim.
5. Make sure this blog is still alive hahaha

and lastly...

6. Married to the most awesome guy on earth who loves me as much as I love myself.

That's all I guess, but who knows what future might be. He is the best planner after all.

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