Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My Digital Art Project

March 10th

With the EC festival event is less than 24 hours now, I'm super nervous and freaking out right now. We've been planning for this since last December and of course there's gonna be hiccups. 800 people are coming, exciting yet burdensome since I'm afraid that what we prepared doesn't live up to people's expectation.

So that is the quick update on the event planning.

Tomorrow is the start of our spring break, I really looking forward to it. This week has been a disaster ! We have tons of meeting for ecfest until midnight literary everyday for this week. Netball practices some more until I have no time for homework :( okay so here's the start of my artwork story.... (It's gonna be long, bear with me)

You guys already know that I have minor in studio art, so yesterday is the due date for our project 2. We have to produce 3 digital arts that consist of two JPEG format and the other one is either GIF or MP4. The project topic is the story of ourselves, hobbies, life journey, origin country etc. What I had on my mind is to tell them a story about growing up as a muslim, specifically as a muslim woman. People stereotyped and questioned me a lot especially about hijab. I had tons of ideas for this project, I wanna show them that muslim woman are not being oppressed and weak.

Being ambitious, for the moving images I wanted to do interview with my fellow muslim friends on how they feel when they put hijab on, what people said to them. I thought that was cool ! Little did I know that I have no time for that. My weekend was very hectic and until yesterday morning I only have one completed image. Hadn't touched base on my konon-konon fun interview and second image. But I did have an idea on what to do for my second JPEG.

Pressure is on. I worked on Wednesday from 8am-12pm and then have a Korean assessment at 1. The project due at 3:55pm. I freaked out. Lucky I didn't have gaming class, if not I only can work on project after 2.45pm which left me an hour time frame to complete these two images. Stresssssssss.

After the assessment I rushed to the computer lab and worked on my second image. 70% done, it was not what I imagined it would be but I didn't have time for that. I need to move forward since the video/gif would take longer time. 2:50pm. Start working on the GIF. Got last minute inspiration to do GIF about Muslim 101, like answering the most basic questions from my american friends. 3:40pm. 50% done, also not what I have imagined, so simple buruk and looked like I didn't put much effort into it.

3:50pm told Lily I don't think I can finish it. Almost break into tears. So sensitive this week, sikit sikit nak nangis because penat and everything is so overwhelming. 4:00pm done but had problem with the audio. It's done but simple and I hate it. I hate myself for not putting effort on things I like which is computer and art. Submitted those files for the class critique, basically you'll present your art to the class and they'll give you feedback.

Pause jap I have to go to the netball practice, will continue writing tonight after I'm done packing goodie bags for the participants (maybe)

March 14th, ECFest has finished ! Okay I'll continue writing now

So down below are my art projects. The first one is focusing on saying that muslim women are not oppressed and weak. So I choose 5 well known women and put them together to create an avenger team.

The second one is based on the movie poster. I don't know if you guys notice but in the States muslim never be the lead actor. And even worse most of the time they portray muslim as the bad guy. That's why I choose this theme, to put a muslim woman as a lead actress and emphasizing that we're not harmful with the title "Not A Terrorist".

The third one is the short GIF video of muslim 101. When I'm presenting to the class, I feel so emotional since to me these arts were still work in progress. I was so anxious during the presentation and tired at the same time, I just want to get over this real quick. To my surprise everyone loved my arts. They said I did a great job.

Because I was overthinking and working under pressure, that makes me felt so stressed throughout the week. Moral of the story is don't think to much, in the end everything's gonna be great.

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