Saturday, April 2, 2016

Activities on Spring Break 2016

So if you're wondering what did I do during my one week Spring break. Let me start off with this

The first weekend I was busy organizing and participating in East Coast Festival. Though my netball team didn't win but everything went smoothly. Thank you for everyone who made my job easier and to my girlfriends who came. I'm grateful to have such supportive baes. I'm glad it was over now I can focus with school. Finals in less than a month now nervousssss

I just spent my Monday sleeping and resting since I didn't have enough sleep for the event. On Tuesday I worked on the Lego that I bought few months ago. It's the apple house and it's cute. To those who do not know what to give me for my birthday, just give me Lego. I'll be happy to receive that. Hint: I love Creator and Architecture series !

Oh Wednesday is my lazy day too ! Went out just for groceries and finished up some laundries.

On Thursday, me and my friends went hiking at Yellow Springs, Ohio. We unintentionally cheated by using the shortest route. So it just took us less than an hour of hiking lol. The last time I hike, it took me 3 or 4 hours and my legs trembled so bad after that. But this time, it was easy peasy, we even have time to do some photoshoot haha *insert boys scout background song*

After that we went to picnic. It's a potluck, as expected I didn't cook anything because my roommate did. But it was so windy and chilly, we had to finish our food fast while securing other stuff. The wind was blowing everything away we had to hold them while eating. The struggle was real ! We ate in less than 30 mins I guess hahaha

Then on Friday, I planned on doing my homework but then Amirul sent an invitation for a bbq party at his house in the evening. I treated them pizza since it's a potluck party. Those pizza was on on a discount since they're celebrating Pi day for a week. Pi day is on 3/14. Remember american write the date in mm/dd format so March 14th is 3.14. Pi = 3.142 geddit ? So for Pi day, they have discount on pies. pizza and everything that is circle shaped.

As usual the weekend is the work-on-that-homework-dude-you-have-been-procrastinating-so-long-shame-on-you day ! You see, the homework given is for a week long period. I think you can imagine how much homework do I have haha

Till then, take care !

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