Saturday, April 9, 2016

Malaysian Cultural Night 2016

So we had our annual Malaysian Cultural Night few weeks ago. I did tell you guys that I would be dancing and acting, but nahh i didn't. It's because two weeks prior to MCN is the ECFest and I was so occupied with the event. Hence, I had to withdraw from the performance team. This time, I came as an audience. 

The evening started with the dinner. For $8 ticket, we received a box of food and ticket to the performance. The dinner box was filled with authentic Malaysian food such as satay, kuah kacang, roti jala and kek batik. Sorry I didnt took the picture of the food since yeah you know me.... I was too busy eating hehehe 

Baju kurung from mom's, wedges from Crocs. Looking back, I think I can use this photo for this year Salam Perantauan. Or my pose is too happy ? Haha I should have look a lil bit depress to depict my real student life.

So basically there are two short sketches, Pontianak and Hostel. Pontianak storyline is based on Pontinak Harum Sundal Malam while Hostel is the cliche hostel life horror story. I'm sure you guys can imagine.

......and one with the hantu of the night. Hope you guys can sleep well tonight after looking her right on her eyes hahaha

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