Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Talk About Jodoh

"Ili, sorry if akak nak tanya. Ili ada someone special ke ?" asked kak Anis, my 27 years old housemate. I'm living with other two PhD students who are in their early 30s, still not married yet. So I'm good.

"Why ?"
"Because I'm picky kak, because I'm picky"

Then she asked me to tell her the criteria of the guy that I want to be with. I said "Physically he must be blablabla, mentally blablabla, and spiritually blablabla". Not gonna list them all here, afraid if I'm gonna give my potential jodoh heart attack and probably scare him off just by looking at the list. Of course, there's gonna be some leniency here and there, I'm not that perfect either. But you get the idea, right?

As a girl, of course I have to be picky. After I'm married to him, then thats it ! I'm obligated to accept his flaws and all. I have to listen to him well and cannot defy his order. Which is a hard thing to do since I am a girl with a principle and I'm really stubborn. If he goes against what I'm standing for then I'm definitely not gonna follow. So before that happened, I'm gonna take my own sweet time to find the guy with the flaws that I can tolerate, a righteous man, the one whom I truly respect.

But hey it's already written in Loh Mahfuz whom I'm going to marry. No rush.

So girls, it's okay to be single until you find the right one. Life's too short to be wasted on meaningless relationships. If he doesn't respect you, leave. If he abused you, leave. If he doesn't make you stronger or a better person, leave. Remember that every girl deserves a guy who treats her like a queen. But first you need to be content with yourself. If you cannot make yourself happy, then no one else could. Cheers !

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