Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Of Yuna, Minnesota and Wisconsin !

How you doing ? *in Joey Tribianni’s voice*

As usual, sorry for the long gone. I’m currently taking 16 credit hours for my Summer (still working at the kitchen cause I need money). It’s scaryyy (because summer class is usually just 8 weeks long) but I have to do it though to boost my gpa :/ I only had one week break after my Spring semester before starting this one. Hence I have to utilize the time that I had very well. I’m gonna tell you guys what I did for a week. For the first few days, I caught up with my life after the hellish exam week, did the laundry, tidy up my room and the boring house chores.

After that I went to Michigan to meet our home girl Yuna ! She was having a concert at Detroit which is 3 hours drive from my place. We stood really close to the stage, I even can hug Yuna. During the “Go places” song, we sang along really loud at the ‘Kuala Lumpur’ part. She did notice us and smiled. Also, I got to meet her face to face, she’s so down to earth and easygoing. Her fan service was amazing ! We got to take several ( well, by several I mean a lottttt) pictures with her, her bestfriend Didi and her bandmates. *I should have posted this photo on my instagram but its basi already facepalm*

As always, when I showed my mom this picture she said "Anak mama lagi cantik dari Yuna" lies that mom told us hahaha. Everytime. I'm always the prettiest in my mom's eyes.  

Then me and my girls went to Minnesota and Wisconsin for a short trip. We've never been there and there's nothing much up there actually. So, a short trip would suffice. 

In Minnesota, we went to the Sculpture Garden (too bad, it's in the process of renovation). The only sculpture left is the one in the picture below. Another interesting place in here is the famous Mall of America; it's the second largest mall in the States ! Inside the mall the have a Nickelodeon theme park, kind of like the one in Times Square but wayyy bigger. Next is my first ever trip to IKEA in the States ! We even bought Daim chocolate for 8 bucks because we miss Malaysia so much. 

The next day, we went to Madison, Wisconsin. We have friends over there and they showed us around the city and the campus. To be honest there's nothing much here because it's a campus city. So the city focused on the university and student life experience. The best part is that they're so close to the lake. This picture below is was taken behind my friend's apartment. It was really close okay and I'm so jakun about that. Thankyou Mokteh, Mira Saf and Hk for the hospitality. We had fun !

And now back to reality...... taking 7 classes and working 12 hours per week. Wish me luck guys ! Tell me that I can do it ! 

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