Friday, June 3, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend: Crazy Idea

This was a crazy idea of mine. Few days ago I told my housemates “Let’s go camping !” It’s a Memorial Day weekend where Monday is a holiday so we have three days weekend instead. For this weekend, people usually do outdoor activities such as camping, hiking or rock climbing. So I thought it'll be great if we could go camping somewhere in Ohio after my long tiring weekend. Thing is, other people already reserved the camping site few months ago while us, just started planning. We only had less than five days to plan, everything was done last minute. As the Chef De Mission, my task is to find the camping site and make sure all the camping necessities were ready for the weekend while the other girls prep the food. Honestly I was a bit scared because I don’t know what to expect since it's my first time camping and handling thing that I've never experienced before. But I couldn’t show it to them since you know that’s gonna freak them out. 

Two days before the date, I heard them saying that they didn't want to go. Honestly I had a meltdown in my room. I really really really want to go but if they are not fully on board with the plan that's gonna be hard for me. I might as well not going. So the next day I asked "We're still going to the camping right?" and the kakak said "Idk, last night we saw there's tiger licking the tent on the news" Tell you what, to convince a thirty y/o woman that everything's gonna be alright is hard. Deep down I was scared that it's not gonna be as fun as I wanted it to be. It's also their first time and they aren't as adventurous as I am. So I don't blame them if they changed their mind, but I really wanna gooooooooooooooo

Finally after some talking and convincing, all of them were on board. So we're good but I still haven't found the campsite. 

The stove

I didn’t worry much about the camping gear since my school has the rental service. We could rent anything that we want for a great price. Like the picture above: tent, sleeping bags/pads, stove and cooler only cost us $79 bucks for the weekend. Pretty reasonable right ? However, the campground/site is the problem ! 

Since all the sites were all booked up, only walk-up sites are available. I came up with few campgrounds and planning to call each one of them on Friday to ask for the availability. We planned on going at 6pm Friday since Kak Anis was working until 5pm. But until 4pm, there’s no site available for us, all the walk-up sites were also fully reserved. Danggggg. I was restless since morning, my schedule was packed until 3pm (work and classes back to back) so I didn’t have time to come up with plan C. Told you I want this trip to be a memorable one for my housemate, but now it seemed like I might screw up the plan… How can we go camping without the site ?

To be continued

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