Monday, June 20, 2016

Oh My Chicken Rice !

So recently, I have mastered the art of Nasi Ayam. My sister gave me the recipe, it was so easy perhaps she knows that im terrible at cooking. And also malas hehehe Since then I've been cooking this nasi ayam for my housemates. They love it so much, I'm happy. 

So today I was quite confident that I can cook this meal for my friends. Five of us decided to iftar together today and after that go to the movie to watch Finding Dory. But I was too sleepy after iftar that I had to cancel the plan. But that's another story. Let's focus on the nasi ayam. 

So here it goes...

The nasi supposed to be done around 8:35pm. Note that we iftar at 9:04pm. But when I checked, the nasi was so soggy and watery. "Did I put too much water ?" "No, I've cooked this thing five times already I know all the measurements by heart" And then I realized, dangggg we're not using the same type of rice !!!! The rice at my house is beras basmathi, that kind of rice will absorb any excessive water and still maintained its shape. While the boys just have the normal rice that's full with starch. 

I pretty much freaked out

Then I googled "Macam mana nak keringkan nasi basah" I know, so lame right. How come I didn't know how to fix nasi at this age. Such an embarrassment of myself. One of the tips said use potatoes to absorb the excessive water. Pakcik we have no time for that ! 

So in the end, I couldn't do anything about it but to apologize to my friend because we have to iftar with the soggy rice. I feel so bad, really ! I keep apologizing throughout the dinner until before I stepped out of their apartment :/

I just want to do something nice for them but turned out, I spoiled it all. Lucky that my friends are so considerate, they finished the nasi just to comfort me. Awwww thanks ! But I promise that i'll make up for this later 

But hey, at least I got a nice flatlay out of the 'flat' rice.....

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