Saturday, June 11, 2016

Scratch That

Did I tell you guys that I won an iPad mini from Twitter during last year's GHC ? Okay, just recently I bought her a 'coat' and it came with a free screen protector. The instructions are pretty straightforward, it says "just peel and attach the plastic on top of the screen". Yeah right, then how come there are tiny bubbles exist in between the iPad's screen and the screen protector ?! 

It's barely noticeable but I'm a perfectionist, so yeah. 

My hands were itchy, I couldn't stand looking at the bubbles every time I'm on the iPad. I got impatient, I couldn't stand looking at them anymore. I need to get rid of them immediately, until then I won't stop fidgeting. So I asked my friend what to do, he said "Take a card and scrape the screen to push the bubbles out" Quickly I grabbed my buckid and passionately pushing the bubbles out. Then another text message from him came in ".... but don't scrape it too hard, it might damage the screen protector

Danggggg "You should've told me that first!!!!!!! Now everything is all scratch up :/

The screen protector wasn't smooth anymore, bruises here and there. Very unpleasant to my eyes. So I peel the plastic off and send it right in to the trash can. Good bye screen protector, i guess we're better off without you !

Moral of the story: Tell the precautions first next time, because Ilifilza is impatient like that

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