Monday, June 6, 2016

The Cheeky Aiman

First of all selamat berpuasa, Ramadhan kareem to all muslim in the world no matter where you are. Perbetulkan niat, I really really really hope that we can make the most of this month : )

Few days ago I had a very zerious conversation between me and Aiman. I think this is the second time I write about him here because he's a very cheeky boy. So he asked me to buy him a shoes that he had his eyes on since forever. So I said 'Okay I'll buy you one BUT with a few conditions yada yada yada' (Disclaimer: The shoes are expensive okay, of course it comes with few conditions) 

Suddenly he said, 'Aiman tak percaya kak anis nak belanja adik kak anis yang jumpa bawah pokok pisang'. At first, I was like 'Wait, what do you mean ?' Then I remembered this funny (well, atleast for me lol) story that I told him few year back when he was 10 I guess. I don't really remember. 

But here it goes:

'Aiman tahu tak, dulu masa mama akak abang and kaknis jalan-jalan kitorang dengar baby nangis. And it was you ! We found you dalam buluh betung, since then you are a part of this family

And dia percaya ! Lol ! I know I'm such a bad sister. 

So he went to ask mama about it then I don't know what happened there, maybe mama played along. Hahaha but until now he still remember lah about it, and I do feel bad. But it's funny you know how he easily believed in me. Maybe because I'm his fav person ceyyyyy

Jokes aside. To Aiman, if you're reading this know that everything was a lie. I'm sorry, I love you, really. I'm very grateful that you're born as my brother, coming out from mom's not from some bamboos. I wouldn't even trade you for the world (or maybe a birkin ?)  

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