Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A quick round up !

Apa khabar orang kampung ?              


My absence was due to exams, nothing new. Just school and work. It was a rough week; right after my last paper I dashed to my fav cake shop to buy a whole cake. The cashier asked me “Cake for a birthday?” “No, for myself” Lol! Lucky I couldn’t fast that day (if you saw on my snapchat I took a picture), I ate the cake right away when I reached home. So stresssssss

Look what came to my house right after I finished my exam ... baju raya from kakak! Since I was so busy with my exams, I didn’t have a time to find my baju raya. So when my family asked I told them I’ll find it after exam. Such a nice surprise to brighten up my horrible day. Thank you :)

Hmmm okay what else ? Oh yassss my sister just graduated from Newcastle University and right now she’s on her way home. ETA 3 more hours to go. Welcome home kak ! Just the thought of going back home makes me happy already. It must have feel good right ? After all home is where the heart is, and Malaysia is home.


Right now I'm blogging from Michigan, I'm gonna spend my raya here with my best friends :) I just got here this evening but before that I baked some cookies for them. So happy that these cookies tasted good (even tho not as good as mom's but I did it!).

With that I want to wish all of you Selamat hari raya! forgive me for all my wrong doings and outspoken-ness. Have a safe drive and be safe. Come back home in a piece tau !

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