Thursday, July 14, 2016

Featured on Remaja Magazine !

When I saw my brothers wasting their money buying all these magazines I get so mad. "You only read the magazine once and the next day you scatter it all over the place. Why do you even buy ?" Then I realized back then that was me. I bought a lot of magazines too ! Growing up as a teenager, I'm a huge fan of Remaja, Bintang Kecil, G3, Ujang and many more. But phewwwwww I'm over that phase and even worse, I'm lazy to read now. Duhhh I'm even lazy to breathe, if only I can ask somebody else to breathe for my lungs....


So when kakak told me that there's someone wanted to interview me from majalah Remaja, I couldn't be happier to do it. It's for 'Pelajar di Rantau' column and I was asked to share my experience of study abroad. To my surprise it was featured on this month issue ! The journalist did not notify me that my interview will be issued this month and I knew about it from my mom (who is obviously my biggest fan hahaha)

I don't even remember what I wrote, seriously it was months ago. 

And my family be like .....

"Ni kenapa gambar kat stadium macam pendatang asing tanpa izin ?" (Told you I'm the laziest girl in the family (or maybe the laziest person) when it comes to dressing up. Mom really hates me for that)

"Ni gambar kat Hollywood ni kenapa macam syok sendiri jeeee"

"Kenapa tak bagitahu pergi Disneyland ?!?!" (I told them but they forget)

"Gambar dengan akak mana ??!?!

I was just laughing when they asked. Guilty as charged. But do they realize that I took picture with the CEO of Microsoft ?!?!?!?!?! Mom I had a picture with Mr. Satya Nadella. You should be proud :)

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