Friday, July 8, 2016

My Eid Story

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri / Happy Eid Mubarak to all my blog readers !

As for me my raya pretty much has ended after the first day of raya. To be honest, this ramadhan and raya is quite eventful and interesting for me. There's a lot of thing going on lately, juggling my responsibility as a daughter, a student and a friend that makes me have no time to have a boyfriend right now. So don't ask ! (I know my mom and family thought I was hiding my boyfriend from them when the reality is I don't even have one, therefore he is invisible !) 

Laili's appreciation post alert !

I was contemplating either to celebrate my eid at Michigan or not at first because it's overwhelming to be there. To be honest, there's slight misunderstandings occured between me and Laili few weeks before eid. We took our time and resolve the issues like an adult. It's nothing much really, most of the part was because I'm overly sensitive and thought she didn't care about spending eid with me #dramaqueen Yasss Ilifilza can be so emotional at times. Plus I'm too caught up with school and work I was emotionally exhausted, hence the misunderstanding.

So Laili being a good friend she drove all the way from Michigan just to pick me up (mom felt so suspicious about this, but really our relationship is more than girlfriend/boyfriend kind of relationship). Who would have ever thought of driving 4 hours (8 hours to and fro) just to pick a friend up ?! Only boyfriend would ! But mom really, it's just Laili and she drove all the way from Michigan by herself. You're gonna be the first person I ask the guy to phone up if I were in a relationship. So don't worry, okay ?  

Enough drama, let's talk about Eid !

This is the first time I had my Eid prayer at the States. I had one at Ohio but that one was the Eidul Adha prayer and it's around 50-60 ish people last year. But this time I had a chance to pray in the huge hall with my friends and hundreds other fellow Muslims. I was amazed to see people from different colors, ages, ethnicity, and races gathered in the same place just to worship Allah and celebrating Eidul Fitr. Subhanallah ! 

After that we filled in our stomach with the long awaited raya food, that's the highlight of course. The day before we spent our time preparing raya food. We cooked rendang, Lodeh, Nasi Impit, Sate, Kuah Kacang, raya cookies and the list goes on..... and I ate a lot too ! 

Though I couldn't spend Eid with my family (of course I miss you guys, like a lot) I'm blessed to be here celebrating with my two best friends. This year's raya was perfect, I couldn't ask for more !

Here goes my Raya #OOTD. I'm wearing the baju raya that kakak bought from me paired up with a skirt from my collection. The baju raya's skirt is too long and a bit loose, I don't feel comfortable wearing it. Top from Creacion by Siti Nurhaliza/ Clutch from Zara ($15 it's a good deal !) / Heels from Crocs (the one and only wedges that I would wear) / Scarf from Bawal Exclusive. 

So that's it my raya story. I would love to hear yours ! 

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