Friday, July 22, 2016

Talk About Crush

Maybe some of you guys already know about this from my snapchat but whatever. I'm gonna blurt it all out here all over again about my crush ! To be honest, I never had a crush this deep before. Most of the time its more to "Hey that guy is cute, I like him" kinda stuff but this time mannnnn, if he's a Muslim I MIGHT try to work things out with him.

Remember I told you guys that I took New Media Art class last semester, the one that I build "Inside Out: Touch My Feeling" art piece. My very first new media art, remember ?

So I have a crush on one of my classmates. It's a very small class, probably around 10 students and we meet quite often in a week. And there's this one guy, we sat next to each other and we're quite close. He used to help me a lot with my project. Let's call him J, shall we ?

Note that we share the same preference when it comes to watch ! I'm wearing the same brand :)

J is cute, funny and kind. Most of the time, I'll do all the stuff/work on my own. But there's one time he offered me help to cut the woods using the cutting machine. It's quite dangerous and heavy.  That moment I thought to myself "Yeah, I can do all that by myself but this feels good (someone helping out with stuff)"

Yesterday I had a dentist appointment at 3pm. (I SWEAR THIS STORY IS RELATED, KEEP ON READING haha) I skipped my lunch because I didn't want to brush my teeth again before I go. So I was freaking hungry throughout the session. When the doctor was working on my teeth,  my mind was elsewhere thinking what to eat later. I wanted to eat Rabbokki (Ramen+ Teoppokki) at my favorite Japanese restaurant, I've been craving for that since Ramadhan. But then the doctors were talking about Fusian, a sushi place near my campus, which was recently added to their dining hall menu.... i guess ?

Then I talked to myself "You know what, sushi isn't a bad idea". So I changed my plan and went to Fusian instead. To Fusian we go !

As I walked to the restaurant with my sweaty face and messy scarf, there he is. J was standing behind the counter, ready to serve. I've been to Fusian couple of times, but I never knew he works there. I totally lose my cool while trying to make a conversation with him. And yes it went badly. I was like:

"Hey, haven't seen you in a while. How're you doing?"

He asked me the same thing and I went

"I'm good and I would like to have the Seaweed Wrap please."


Seaweed Wrap please ?! What a cool remark to end a conversation. Trust me I didnt want to end the conversation but the stupid me said that instead. Totally not cool !


And that was it. Didn't get to say good bye either because there's other customer behind me :( Come to think of it, I am terrible talker when I'm speaking to my crush. Few years ago, there's this one guy that my bestfriend introduced to me and they're talking about his shoes. His shoes were nice and polished and the only conversation that came to my mind was "Nice shoes but sayang dah kena pijak, kotor sikit kat bahagian depan" or somewhere between that line. Again, WHAT WAS THAT ?!?!?!

To the guys out there, if I make any stupid remarks or making no sense, that's because I like you a lot !!! I know it's terrible, some people may find it as a major turn off. But that's me, I can't control my mind when I'm too excited. Let's hope one day someone will think it's charming instead !

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