Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Romantic Date Night

'School starts tomorrow' - this statement right here literally kills me.

As much as I wanted to cuddle in my bed, I have to wake up early tomorrow for my 8AM class *sigh*. I wish I had more holidays though. These past few weeks I've been lazing around in my best friends place. There's no place I can call home except for the place where my family and best friends are. Being with them put me at ease. I can just be myself and they still love me.

But I have to go back home for school. #distancesucks

When Laili sent me back home, we had a chance to try the drive-in movie theater. You know that kind of movie theater where you park your car in front of the big screen and watch the movie from your car. It's pretty romantic okay and I really like this kind of thing. I've been wanting to try this since forever, but I never did because I have no one to go with.

We snuck in our pjs and ready for the movies! It's $9.50 for two movies, super cheap. We watched Pete's Dragon and The BFG while having the Mee Goreng that we brought from home. The fun part is you get to bring your own food. So it's up to you if you want to bring a truckload of food, no one will judge. As for us, we brought some popcorns, fried noodles with shrimp, cookies, fries and water. 

I feel bad for sleeping halfway through the BFG movie. But yeah, Laili should know better what she signed up for when she took me for a double movie. We had fun though, enjoying each other's company while imagining doing this with our significant ones. 

I wanna watch it with you, but you don't exist. #storyofmylife

I recommend you guys to try this drive-in movie theater if you have a chance. I promise you'll have a wonderful evening with your loved one :)


  1. WHOOOAAA romantic nye kalau date dengan si dia hehe XD

    1. Kann, kat Malaysia kena ada benda ni. Eh ke dah ada ?


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