Monday, August 1, 2016

Another Quick Round Up !

Hey guys ! Sorry for disappearing. I'm back and I have a few writing-in-progress posts coming up for you in few days. Yay ! Finally, I'm done with all my Summer classes, my freaking 16 credits classes ! I'm so proud of myself, you know 16 credits during Summer is really a big deal. With classes back to back, quizzes, discussion, assignment and papers, now I'm a free soul ! I only have less than a month before I kick off my Fall semester. Things are going pretty good over here.

Here's one of my final assignment. I took Wine & Beer Culture in America class. So I had to make a Cocktail for an alien at the end of the class. So here's my Cocktail. If you guys want to guess the ingredients go ahead. Hint: some of the liquids are not potable !

So I'm gonna tell you what I did during my absence. Except for taking a gazillion of classes, I'm no longer working in the kitchen for the Summer since three weeks ago. But after that, I work as a camp counsellor for the College of Engineering for a week. The work is pretty tough, but I had fun. That's all that matters. I have a post just for that, so stay tuned !

 Also, I went to Ohio State Fair for the first time. I never had a chance to go last year and the year before because I wasn't here. State Fair basically a family theme park. You have a mini zoo, fun rides, funnel cakes, exhibition, tour and many more. This is the place where parents bring their children to have a quality bonding time.

I get to eat my must-have-amusement-park-snacks too which is the Elephant Ears ! 

They have chicken, rabbit and turkey exhibition too. Basically, this is like the beauty pageant for chicken and friends which I find very lovely. Say hi to this fabulous chicken. Only her can pull that kind of updo !

That's all for now. Till then, take care !

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