Saturday, August 6, 2016

Working as a Camp Counsellor

Three weeks ago, from Sunday to Friday I worked as a camp counsellor for the summer camp. So every day I work from 7am until 5pm (Sometimes until 7pm). EVERY DAY. I can't describe how tiring the job is. You always have to be ready the whole time either for organizing tasks or accompanying the kids to the toilet. You wouldn't believe that we have restroom trip for every 10 minutes. I secretly wished the girls would pee at the same time. But nope, not gonna happen.

The fun part is I got to involve in their activities such as making a lip balm and painting a clay mug. That was my first time doing these activities and I love it ! I love artsy stuff. Plus, I get to personalized the mug, I wrote my name on it. And look at my Watermelon Wanderlust lip balm, the first ever lip product that I produced ! I never knew know the process of making lip balm is actually quite simple. Maybe getting the ingredients part is tricky. 

I really had a great time being a camp counsellor with these ladies. Though this job was tiring but it's a new working experience for me. I made new friends and had a good time exploring my campus. During school time, I never had time to visit the lab or building that I'd never been to. I mean why should I ? 

Camp counsellor, signing out !

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