Friday, September 9, 2016

Fever Go Away

As you might know that I had a fever last week. It's very seldom for me to get sick, but if I do it's gonna be once in a year and it's gonna be very painful. Maybe that's the way my body's telling me that I need to take a break.

So last two weeks I had the worst fever ever. I was coughing for a couple of days until I lost my voice. Yes, you saw me go here and there over the weekend on my Snaphat. Well, you know Ilifilza won't just stay in the bed while her friends are having fun. So I joined them; housewarming party, laser tag, indoor trampoline I did them all despite the sickness !

What-my-table-looks-like-when-I'm-sick flatlay. Told you, I cannot sit still hehehe

I'm blessed to have housemates who really care about me. They provided me with all the medicine and checked on me every 30 minutes. Kak anis even made air asam jawa to cure my sore throat. I'm so touched by their kindness and motherly gesture. 

Alhamdulillah, I've recovered fully now. Time to do all the homework that I've been putting off since last week. It's time to do all the so-not-fun work as a grown up. I guess I don't have to whine if I ever get sick next time. At least, I get enough sleep and rest over the weekend  :( 

P/S: me too, hate myself when I'm being a whiny little brat ! 

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