Tuesday, September 6, 2016

First Week of School

I actually started writing this post last week. But then I'm down with fever, I lost my voice and now I'm in the recovering phase. People who know me should've known that I hate taking medicine. But this time around I took a lot of medicine (probably more than the total amount that I took in 2015) just to be well enough to complete my chores. 

Netflix and chill kinda day TO school and work every day is the reason why I had a fever.

 I mean look at my first-week schedule! I started school on Tuesday and I literally met my advisor every day since I was waitlisted for all my CSE classes. Plus in here, you got your first homework on the first day of school. My brain and body were shocked with the amount of thinking/working they have to do. Hence, they opt to make me sick ! 

P/S:  I'll tell you guys the reasons why I was waitlisted after I graduate. It's a really long story and by then I hope I can proudly tell you guys that 'I've made it!' 

And now look at my Saturday. I know I'm such a whiny girl...

I woke up in the morning and had a terrible sore throat. It was painful but I went to the Community Commitment still because it was my last chance to get involved. CC was my favorite event in OSU and knowing that it would be my last time, I just had to do it. CC is an annual event in OSU where you get to volunteer around Columbus. On the day itself, you'll be assigned to the volunteering job.  

Surprise, surprise ! I was assigned to gardening ! hmmm

I was totally fine with gardening, but the thing is I wasn't in my best condition. The fact that I had to be under the sun for three hours made my fever worse. When I got back home I quickly took in the pills since I have to attend two events that night. It would be suck if I couldn't attend the receptions because, come on, look at the amount of food they served. 

This was my only chance to comfort myself with those Malaysian foods cooked by the experts. Good thing I went to the event cause I got to taste Serawa Durian with glutinous rice. Ahhh how I missed eating Durian now. Can't wait to go back to Malaysia next year ! 

My day ended with these lovely people. I had a good time catching up with everyone. They left me and went back to Malaysia but thank god, nothing has changed over the Summer. 

Here's to a great and fun Senior year *a glass of wine emoji* cheers !

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