Monday, September 26, 2016

The Day I Made Curry Puffs !

Mom sure gonna get a heart attack if she knew that her only-knows-how-to-cook-maggi daughter can make curry puffs ! Last time when I went back to Malaysia, mom was standing beside me when I was preparing the instant noodle. She's afraid that I'm gonna set the whole kitchen to fire if she left me alone hahaha. Hm, I think I need to buy my future husband a hazmat suit for hantaran. Just in case, lol !

Not entirely making it from scratch, I actually just helped Kak su to claim the puffs. I even made my self a bite-size curry puff just for fun because I don't want to waste the dough.

Look at this beauty. Guess who claimed the edges ? Hehehe 

I'm grateful to Kak Nadia (remember the kakak who left Columbus for good last year, who's such a good cook ?) for teaching me how to claim the puff. Though I still don't know how to make it from scratch, but at least I can offer my 'claiming' skills to help. 

So mom don't you worry, your daughter will be a better cook by the time she comes back home for good. Just wait for it, okay ? 

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