Thursday, September 15, 2016

Trip to the Skyzone

So the other day I went to Skyzone for laser tag and indoor trampoline with my ten other friends. We really need to do something fun before everything gets crazy so to the Skyzone we go ! As an OSU student, we got the tickets for a very cheap price. Totally worth it !

At first, no one wanted to team up with me because I wore an off-white top. Lesson learned, never wear a white top to play laser tag because people can see you from miles away. And the result for laser tag is......*drumrolls*


Kasi chance lah showing off because I think this is the only sport that I'm good at lol. Laser tag is a sport okay since you have to run hide and shoot. It requires strategy, teamwork and stamina. Hence it should be added to the Olympic. No ? Haha

Next up is the indoor trampoline. It was a good thing that we went to this place after we played laser tag because this thing was freaking tiring. We're all drained out after an hour playing, begging for food/drink cause we're out of energy. 

I was sooo stupid for wearing a top instead of a t-shirt knowing that I would be jumping like monkeys there. My waist is showing ! That day my top caused so much trouble for me, oh well. The solution is I had to tuck in my top inside my pants for a more syariah compliance outfit.

Now I'm gonna teach you guys how to kick people in the air. Like literally kicking people, no kidding. 

STEP 1: Jump !

STEP 2: Fly !

STEP 3: and kick a boy while you're at it !

Lol no I didn't kick him. The camera captured a perfect timing when the boy was standing behind me right when I'm kicking. I thought it was easy to do all the flips but NO. People on the tv make it seems so easy doing triple flips, back flips and what not. But I didn't manage to perform any flips until the end lol. We also played dodgeball on the trampoline and jump into the ocean of foams. It was fun, you guys should try it !

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