Wednesday, October 5, 2016

All About Food !

Disclaimer: This post will make you hungry, if you're on diet you'd better skip it !

So last month I ate out a lot. Mostly because my friends came over here for an event and there's a lot of food coupon/discount in September, I'm not sure why. So I had to eat them all !

Like these home-made ice cream down below, it's only $1.99/pint. Coincidently, I was on my exam week so I stocked up plenty of ice creams, like a lotttt. I bought some banana and dark chocolate flavor ice creams which are my favorite. Plus, I really need my comfort food during tough times. So I don't feel guilty at all hehe

 #whatcalories #whatdiet

For this pasta, it was only $6 (don't convert to MYR, basically it's like RM6 here). Can you believe that ? With six bucks you get a made to order pasta and a drink. Of course, I couldn't let this too-good-to-be-true offer slipped away just like that. I went to the restaurant twice last month. (Most of the time I eat home cooked food since we cook a lot, I only eat out once a week. So going to the same restaurant twice in a month is an achievement unlocked !)

Boyyyy this Fried Oreo is a must try. This one was my friend's treat, I helped to drive him to the airport so he treated me food ! He treated me real food too, not just this fried oreo.

 The Fried Oreo came with Vanilla ice cream and a chocolate dip. It was so good, a lil bit too sweet. But after eating a Mongolian Grill, this sweet bite kind of complement the spicy food that I had. 

When my friends came over to Ohio I brought them to taste the most popular cream puff in Columbus. Presenting the Schmidt's Cream Puff !

It was located in the German Village. This shop has operated since forever. There're a couple of flavors that you can choose from like Oreo, Original, Chocolate and Vanilla. We bought the oreo flavor and share it with my friend. It's so huge. To me the puff is mediocre but the cream is heaven made. If you come here, you should try ! From left, the oreo flavor and the chocolate flavor. 

Last but not least, the made to order sushi ! Do you guys remember where this is from ?

Yes, you're right. It's from the Fusian, the place where my crush works ! But he wasn't there when we came and I'm not sure if he still working there or not. But btw people love eating sushi from here, probably because the ingredients are fresh and you get to choose what you want to have in your sushi roll. Of course, my sushi have no veggie in it! 

I hope I managed to get you guys drooling over the food talk. Sometimes I actually don't know what to write since my daily schedule is pretty mundane and repetitive ? And me no the Kardashians or the Jenners who have fancy dinners or events to attend to every day. So it would be boring if I only write about my school activities, which will turn to whiny little rants. I hate that.

If you guys want me to write about anything specific do tell, I'd be very happy to do that. Or if you guys have any questions, ask away at 

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