Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Of secrets, truths and lies

A few days ago, I went on a cabin trip with my friends. Gonna talk about that later because right now my focus is on the bonfire night. The night where we get to ask anyone any questions while making smores. The only chance I can attack my friends with personal questions. No hard feelings. To be fair, they did ask me about my past as well. So it's fair and square. 

That night is actually more than a "truth and dare" kinda game night. I was secretly emotional through the entire night, thinking that I'll be graduating soon and I can never thank these people enough for being a part of my uni days. And I'm sure as hell I'm gonna miss this moment once I leave the States next year.

So after the session ended, only five of us left. Since it's a smaller circle, deeper questions were asked. We shared our worries and concerns. Then, I asked the remaining ones what is their ultimate goal. Everyone must have at least one thing they wanna do in let say 30 or 40 years time. One of them wanted to travel around the world on a yacht and the other wanted to open a restaurant chain in Malaysia so his family members can eat for free. Awww so sweet... 

As for me, if god willing, I want to be a philanthropist. Why ? To me, money can't buy my happiness. I'll be a happier person if I can make other people happy by giving a hand. At this point of life, I just want to be happy with my family and my loved ones. That's all that matter now. I'm sure we'll be happy as long as we stick together. 

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