Wednesday, November 9, 2016

#3: A Quick Round Up !

So it's a month left to the final exam week, I'm so not prepared since I have a bunch of projects and assignments yet to be done. Nervous. They said that it's going to be easy during the Senior year, that's a lie. I'm going to graduate next year and trust me this is the busiest semester I ever had. It's not just about school, I have to prepare myself for life after graduation too. It's too much pressure when most of my classmates already secured a job before graduation, while me... still struggling to finish college strong. I don't know, I were once a smart girl, but now I have no idea of what I'm learning in Principle of Programming class. Fingers crossed, I hope I don't have to repeat this subject again later next year. 

Enough rant, moving on to the thing that I wanna share with you guys. Last week, I worked as a model for Patrick Boyd alongside with a student model, Dominic. He's a holographic artist based in the UK.  I'm honored to be in one of his holograms even though just as a supporting character. I'll definitely show the end result to you guys once Patrick sends me the pictures. Don't forget to check him out!

 It's now Fall, my favorite season. Look at how majestic the color of this tree. It makes me sad knowing that this will be my last autumn in Columbus. I wished I can stay longer.

And as you guys know, today is the voting day for the US Presidential Election. I'm not sure what to feel since I cannot vote. People have been talking about this since forever and to be honest, I'm tired of hearing anything about politic. I'm sooooo glad that it'll be over today. But whatever the result is, I hope the person elected will make the world a better place to live in. 

Saw this photo on twitter, I'm gonna post this screenshot here while it's still relevant haha

Oh btw, good luck to all SPM/STPM takers. It's still not too late, right ? Do your best so you won't have any regret later. Whatever the result is, at least you've done your very best. Have faith in yourself. 

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