Thursday, June 1, 2017

A Quick Update!

Hi, guys! I haven't blogged for weeks. I know, it's my fault. Some of you guys might say "I thought she's graduated, she must have a lot of free time to blog" but to be honest nope! #whatfreetime I'm still working as a part-timer at my school, having such a hard time to move on I guess. But I already sent my 'notice of leaving' to the boss last Monday. So hopefully, next two weeks I'll have some time to blog.
Yesterday I made roti john from scratch! *self-pat at the back*

Right now I'm waiting for iftar (that's why I'm here to kill some time hehehe). We made a lot of dishes for today. I made 'Daging Masak Lemak' for the house, can't wait to taste it! Today, the berbuka time will be at 8:54PM and sahur this morning ended at 4:32AM if I'm not mistaken. The first few days of fasting was hard for me, I was hangry all the time, probably because my body was not ready to fast for 17 hours. Alhamdulillah it's getting easier for me. This gonna be my last time fasting in the States, might as well I enjoy it!

Happy Ramadhan to you guys in Malaysia! It has been three years since the last time I went to bazaar Ramadhan; and I kinda miss fasting and praying terawih with my family at the mosque. Insyallah I'll be home by the second week of July. Will let you guys know when I received my flight ticket from the sponsor. Okay got to go, time to taste the food!

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