It's all started in 2010 when I started blogging for fun (Hence, the immature blog title. Forgive the innocent me). I just wanted to share my high school story with my friends. At that time, my friends were only my followers.  But now I'm writing out of love. To me, writing is an escape from my hectic life. I feel very connected with my readers when I share the story of my life; my personal stories, my whines and rants, my ups and downs. 

Apart from writing, I enjoy programming, art, fashion, travel, LEGO, Korean and food of course. I'm a sucker for ice cream (you guys should know that already). Currently a student at The Ohio State University. O - H ! I'm majoring in Computer Science Engineering with minor in Studio Arts. Nice meeting you people here and welcome to Ilydotus. Let's be friends, shall we ?


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